Dear folks,  
Welcome to my website for songs celebrating love, the natural world, family and friends. I adore to put them out via cabaret-style performance with other musicians including Ron Goldberg and his quartet, MmMm Good, Drivin South, Wendy and the Silk Cocoon, and Yolo Noteworthy.  

I grew up playing classical piano and fooling around with singing, flute and my brother’s trombone. As the oldest of many cousins I sometimes coaxed the younger generation to amuse our parents by staging musicals at family get-togethers. In mid-life I took up accordion and studied Americana music with Jennifer Jolly. I studied music composition with Joe Gilman at American River College.

I met a man with a wailing good voice and  great guitar chops.








Surrounded by the supportive music scene in Davis, California, I began to play with friends in local venues.
Here you will find info about my bands, some video and audio clips, scores and contact info.  If anyone is looking for the alter ego of Wendy Kuhn Silk, look for my science webpage